WordPress Maintenance Services

We take care of your WordPress so you can focus on your business.


Backups, updates, security, hosting, we will make sure that your website is always running with the latest technology. You won´t need to worry about that anymore.


If you do not know where the problem is, you cannot fix it. We review every aspect of your website, from the server to the user experience. Get a complete report with actions to fix.

We want to be your technical partner

We would like to know your business and to know you. We will provide help to any question related to your business or your website. Just ask.

What we do


No matter what your business is, you need to have a backup. We will create external daily backups so you know your website is secure.


We will use all our knowledge to ensure that your website is secure. We monitor the latest news to act as soon as new vulnerabilities are discovered.

Monthly Reports

You need to measure to know how your WordPress is working. We will help you to get the data you need for your business.


We will update your plugins and your WordPress so everything is secure. We will let you know when a plugin is obsolete and needs to be replaced.

Managed Premium Hosting

No more technical talks and hours lost talking with the server support guys. Just get the managed hosting and let us deal with all that.

Business Support

Maintenance is only the first step. Technology changes fast and we will help your business to grow and improve. We want to help you on your trip to success.

you can save time

Think all the time you spend dealing with WordPress and technical issues. That is the time you will save with us.

Choose your plan

If you do not find the plan for you, contact us and we will make a custom plan for your business.



Per month

  • Daily Backups
  • Free Restoration
  • Instant Security Updates
  • Monthly Updates
  • Uptime Monitor (5min)
  • Basic Support

Extra Options:

  • £15 - Managed Hosting
  • Max. 10.000 visits
  • Max. 3gb Backups
  • No Ecommerce



Per month

  • Everything from Blogger
  • Staging Area
  • Premium Plugins
  • Premium Themes
  • WordPress Support

Extra Options:

  • £25 - Managed Hosting
  • £100 - Business Support
  • Max. 50.000 visits
  • Max. 10gb Backups
  • No Ecommerce




Per month

  • Everything from Pro
  • Business Support
  • Monthly Reports
  • Uptime monitor (1 min)

Extra Options:

  • £50 - Managed Hosting
  • Extra Backups
  • Custom Data Reports

Need a custom plan?

  • From 50.000 visits
  • From 10gb Backups
  • Ecommerce Ready

Any questions? Just check below or send us an email.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a maintenance service?

We are the guys you do not need until you do. Updating and upgrading is easy until something fails. Then you would like to have someone to fix it or you will spend a lot of hours fixing it yourself.

We will be there to ensure that nothing happens but also to guide you and help you to improve your website and business.

Proper WordPress maintenance takes time, you can spend that time or you can leave us to do it for you and use that time for your business (or just enjoy some extra free time). 


What makes you difference to other maintenance services?

The main difference is that we do not want to provide just maintenance.

We love online business and we love to know our clients and their stories. 

We want to help you improve and grow your business using the internet and the new technologies. 

What is the difference between Basic Support, WordPress Support and Business Support?

Basic Support is only when there is any problem with the website. We will check where the problem is and if required we will restore to a previous backup for free.
WordPress Support: You can ask us any question related to your WordPress install, for example:  "How do I do this?", "Which plugin is the best for... ?", etc.
Business Support: Once a month we will help you with your business questions related to the online world. We will use all our experience online to guide you and recommend you what are the nexts steps you should follow with your business and website.

What are the Extras?

The "Extras" are optional services you can add to your plan without upgrading to the next level.

What about multisite installs?

We can manage multisite installs, but each web on the multisite will need to have its own plan. If you have a lot of websites, we can provide a volume discount for you. Just contact us.

Where are payments due?

The services are paid in advance. Payments are due every monty the same day you signed up (first payment day). The system will collect the payment automatically so you do not need to worry about it.


Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. You can cancel our services anytime and the next month won´t be charged. Make sure you do this at least 5 days before the next payment so we can process it in time. 

Can I access to the Backups?

Backups are stored on an Amazon S3 and can be requested via support at anytime. If you want to have daily access to the backups we can provide it as an extra service. Contact us for more details.

If you have any other question, please Contact Us

Our Clients

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